My experience has been diverse, combining technical skills with creative ability. From writing and editing, to production and design, I have served the rigorously precise world of the textbook publishing industry, as well as producing magazines for trade publications and associations. I have tackled all manner of marketing materials including logo design, advertising, business cards, brochures, and direct mail pieces. Service bureau experience fine tuned the technical skills required to successfully bring a project through to completion. 

I am committed to providing superior customer service to my clients. 
My work is fiendishly precise, showing attention to detail in every way, 
with a creative flair that belies my geeky roots.
I earned a a bachelor of arts degree from the College of Wooster with a major in math. After graduation, I worked as a writer, editor, and producer of textbooks at a publishing firm. I quickly fell in love with the technical aspect of getting a book to press and migrated away from the editorial side of publishing. Graphic design is the perfect blend of my early training in math and my love of art and design. I approach all designs in an orderly and technically precise way. Moving through the printing process is a snap because I have worked so hard on order from the inception. 


The National Association of College Stores, Neighborhood Family Practice, Trinity Cathedral Cleveland, The Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, The College of Wooster Symphony Orchestra, The College of Wooster Jazz Ensemble, Chicago Jazz Orchestra, Grantwood Technology, Cahners Publishing Company, Lachina Publishing Company, Elm Street Publishing Company, Summit Publishing, McDougal Littell/Houghton-Mifflin, Liggett Stashower, Hoyt Publishing Company, Loyola University Press, The Little Fox Factory, ScottForesman and Company, Platinum Graphics, Publisher's Services, Inc., The Cleveland Ecumenical Institute

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